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What wood are the walking sticks made of?

The Maori walking sticks are made from Tawa.  For more information on Tawa please scroll to the bottom of the ABOUT US page.  The African walking sticks are made from African Ironwood.  The decorative walking sticks are made from Tawa and African Paduak.  Each walking stick will have the wood it is carved from stated in the "more info" description of the product.

How strong are the walking sticks?

The walking sticks are made from selected strong hardwoods and have the characteristics and durability associated with these woods.   

How durable are the resin handles?

The handles are cast in polyester resin.  Although polyester resin is durable and flexible we recommend care be taken with your walking stick and that you prevent your handles from falling onto hard surfaces.  Our walking sticks are designer items and they are not intended for chopping firewood, attacking the enemy or digging holes.   They are walking sticks, talking sticks or collector’s items – they are not support canes.


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